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Fresh Perspectives Aerial Imaging Inc. is an aerial photography company located in Toronto, Ontario. We're dedicated to providing cost-effective, high quality aerial photography and videography

Our small, quiet, remote-controlled electric aircraft lift high quality digital cameras over your property, providing perspectives that would be impossible to achieve by other means. By using small unmanned craft, also known as drones, we are able to provide dramatic aerial pictures for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Some common applications include

Real Estate: Get more listing views with aerial photographs! Aerial photos are an eye-catching way to advertise a property, and customers are more likely to view listings with aerial photographs. They allow people to easily see the layout of the property and the surrounding area.

Businesses: Aerial photos are an excellent way to showcase your business or its location. Aerial panoramas also look great on your website.

Landscapers and developers: Aerial images can help you present development plans by easily showing the property to be developed from an aerial perspective. By using unmanned drones Afterwards, images of the finished product can be used for advertising purposes.

We are in compliance with all laws and regulations, and work closely with Transport Canada to obtain appropriate certificates for each flight. We also carry liability insurance to give you peace of mind.

Sample aerial shot of a house